Tuesday, August 5, 2014

FORGE Officer Elections

It is election time. Each year we elect the FORGE leadership that will make the decisions that grow our group through scheduling gamedays, coordinating conventions, and running the group website.

The positions up for elections are:

The Hammer - As president, the Hammer is the principle public relations contact and meeting organizer.
The Warlord - As game coordinator, the Warlord recruits game masters and players for organized game sessions.
The Cutpurse - As treasurer, the Cutpurse is responsible for all financial accounting and transactions.
The Oracle - As secretary, the Oracle is responsible for webpage maintenance, record keeping, and meeting minutes.

We'll be using the following schedule for the election process:

- Nominations start today
- Nominations close on 8/16
- Voting begins on  8/17
- Voting ends on 9/6
Election results announced on 9/6

To nominate an individual for a position send an email to anvil@yahoogroups.com or reply to the call for nominations.. You can nominate yourself. Also if you are nominated you will be asked if you accept the nomination. 

Voting will be conducted online. Voting results will be kept secret until they are revealed on 9/6.


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