Thursday, March 26, 2015

Play On Con 2015

This year FORGE is promoting and asking our members to consider attending Play On Con which is in Birmingham, Alabama (3.75 hours from Memphis) on July 9th to 12th. If interested, we encourage you to check out the convention website at:

They also have a Warhorn sign-up page at:

Below are some details from Mike Seales the Venture-Captain for Alabama-Birmingham:

Play On Con (POC) is a family-friendly four day fantasy and science fiction fandom convention held each year in Birmingham, Alabama--the Magic City!

Last year at POC we ran 42 of 60 offered tables, including one special, and an unsanctioned LARP. We had zero player or vehicle casualties this year, but did lose a rather untimely battle with venue staff during the last slot on Sunday. Those responsible have been sacked.

This year we will offer 71 tables of PFS, including: 
  • Two Specials: (Both will have standard and Core tables available)
    • Legacy of the Stonelords
    • Race for the Runecarved Key.  
  • All three parts of The Ruins of Bonekeep.
  • Seeker level play options:
    • The Ruby Phoenix Tournament 
    • Shattered Star 4: Beyond the Doomsday Door.
  • The Godsmouth Heresy 
  • Crypt of the Everflame
  • 2 tables each slot (one dedicated 1-5 table and one alternating either 3-7 or 5-9 each slot)
  • We will also have several tables of the Adventure Card Game running as well.
We should have Convention Boons as well as physical prize support provided by Paizo again this year. 

If you would like to GM, please register on Warhorn and sign up as GM for the tables you would like to run. After you have selected your tables, please email Mike Seales (, Venture-Captain for Alabama-Birmingham, a list of those scenarios, including your real name and the email address used as your Paizo. com account, so that scenarios you run can be placed directly in your downloads.

A few notes about the schedule:
  • On Thursday the 4pm slot overlaps the 7pm slot, which in turn overlaps the 10pm slot. This is to accommodate late arrivals and work schedules.
  • On Sunday the slots also overlap with one starting at 10am and the other starting at 11am. The con officially ends at 4pm, although hotel checkout is much earlier.
  • If you sign up to run 4 or more slots, you will receive:
    • Free Play On Con weekend membership badge
    • Free PDFs of the scenarios you are scheduled to run
    • A full set of the available prize boons.
  • If you run 3 or less tables, you will receive:
    • A special GM only boon
    • One prize boon per slot run
    • Free PDFs of the scenarios you are scheduled to run
All GMs are also eligible to win extra copies of boons and other prizes as if playing the slot they run. Full length modules count as 2 slots each, mini-modules (thornkeep, Emerald Spire, and free-rpg day mods) count as 1 slot.

Sunday, January 4, 2015


Shadowcon is this weekend January 9 and 10th. Online sign-ups will be closed at the end of day Wednesday January 7th. If you haven't yet done please sign-up now to reserve your spot at the table.

There are also still a few slots that need judges. If you want to get in free all you need to do is run 2 slots.

Get all the information you need at the Shadowcon website:

See you there!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

ShadowCon XIX

The official site for the ShadowCon convention can be found at ShadowCon will be on January 9-10, 2015 in West Memphis, AR. There will be fencing, heavy weapons and tourneys. There will be gaming, D&D, Vampire LARP, computer gaming, board games, an International game room, Merchants Masquerade (Historical, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy), Hall costume contest, Belly Dance lessons, Friday night dance with a DJ, Saturday night Haffla (Belly dance party), Kane's Auction of the Strange and Unusual, and MORE.
FORGE will be running games at ShadowCon and we have put up a Warhorn site for game sign-ups run by FORGE . This is needed to ensure we have the right number of DMs/GMs to meet demand.
You will be required to have a ShadowCon badge to play at the table. The final muster for all tables will take place at ShadowCon. Those signed up on Warhorn will be given preference in mustering.

All money is collected at the door

If you don't see a game you'd like scheduled contact our game scheduler at and we'll see about adding it to the schedule.
You MUST be registered with the ShadowCon convention for admittance to the gaming tables. You MUST have a ShadowCon Badge to be able to game.
CURRENT SHADOWCON REGISTRATION OFFERINGS - go to the ShadowCon XIX website at for more information and to register for ShadowCon.
Clarion Hotel 
2007 S Service RD.
Tel: 1-870-735-4055
Toll Free: 1-877-424-6423 
GMs are eligible for reduced/free admission:
  • GM 4 hours       admission is half price
  • GM 8+ hours     admission is free
If you wish to DM/GM a game as part of FORGE just sign up for it on the schedule. If you like to run a game not listed please contact
FORGE DMs and GMs should check in with the F.O.R.G.E. coordinator when arriving at ShadowCon before registering at the door.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

FORGE Gaming Survey

Help us make FORGE gaming better! We ask that you please take the time to fill out this survey. Your opinion matters and will help make the improvements to grow the fun! All of your answers are anonymous so please be as honest as possible.


Sunday, October 26, 2014

November 1st Gameday

The schedule for the next gameday is available. With the usual Pathfinder game's selection we also have Star Wars Edge of the Empire in the 1st slot and Call of Cthulhu in the second slot. As always GM's are needed! You will receive a 2 tokens good for FORGE games and a entry into the monthly $20.00 gift certificate drawing at the second gameday of the month.

Upcoming Events!

FORGE has regularly scheduled games the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month at Mid-South Hobbies & Games. See the games section for more information.


  • ShadowCon
          (JAN 9-10) - sign up >>
  • MidSouthCon
          (MAR 20-22) - sign up >>
  • Play On Con
          (JUL 9-12) - sign up >>
  • Cape Comic Con
          (APR 17-19) - sign up >>
  • Origins
          (JUN 3-7) - sign up >>
  • GenCon
          (Jul 30 - Aug 2) - sign up >>
  • DragonCon
          (SEP 4-7) - sign up >>
  • GMX
          (OCT 24-26) - sign up >>