Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dragoncon 2012

Dragoncon 2012:

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

GameCon Memphis VI Is Almost Here!

GameCon Memphis VI is just over a week away!  If you haven't checked out the FORGE gaming schedule yet, over 30 tables are scheduled covering Pathfinder Society, D&D 4E LFR, Shadowrun Missions, Mutants & Masterminds, and World of Darkness.

There are still a couple of tables needing GMs.  As a reminder, GMs get a registration discount based on the number of games run.  Run 3 tables and your registration is free.

Reserved table seating via Warhorn is available until Wednesday, Sept. 26 at midnight.  After that, sign-up sheets will be available at the convention. 

See you at GameCon!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Paizo Announces Mid-South Venture-Captain

With thousands of players around the world, Pathfinder Society Organized Play relies on the assistance of volunteer regional coordinators - called Venture-Captains after the in-game regional leadership of the Pathfinder Society.  In today's Pathfinder Society blog, Phillip Goettsch was named the Venture-Captain for the greater Memphis area.

Here is a little about Phillip in his own words:
"I am an avid gamer that started out playing AD&D and Palladium's Rifts about 25 years ago. I love playing MMO's, Miniature wargames, CCG's, board games and of course table top RPG's. I have tried many different games, but truely think that Paizo has hit the mark with Pathfinder.

Outside of gaming I enjoy getting outside with my wife and kids. Hiking, biking, fishing and canoeing are all favorite activities. I am about to complete my Navy career, planning to retire in 2014."

Phillip is on the schedule to GM some slots at GameCon.  In addition, he is going to host a weekly session at Comic Cellar on Wednesday nights.

If you have questions for Phillip or just want to say "hi", he can be reached at

Friday, September 14, 2012

D&D A Documentary

A group of filmmakers, also gamers, are working on a film about D&D. While done before, based on the trailer below it looks like it would be really good. Check out the trailer, visit their website at, and maybe contribute to their kickstart project.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Shadowrun Missions

FORGE is adding a new game to the schedule: Shadowrun Missions!

Shadowrun is a RPG set in the dystopian near-future of 2072, a world where cyberpunk meets magic, where criminal subcultures rub shoulders with corporate elites, and where advanced technology competes with the power of spells and spirits.  Players take on the role of shadowrunners, freelance operatives that perform the dirty work and serve as deniable assets to the corporations and anyone else willing to pay.  Shadowrun Missions is the official living campaign for Shadowrun, so the characters you make at the FORGE table can be used at Cons and other gatherings.

FORGE is hosting a special gameday this Saturday, September 15, to kick off Shadowrun Missions.  We will be meeting at the Comic Cellar:
3620 Austin Peay Hwy, Ste 2
Memphis, TN 38128

A character creation session will start at 4pm for those needing last minute assistance, and the game will start at 6pm.  Go to the Games page to sign up.

Upcoming Events!

FORGE has regularly scheduled games the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month at Mid-South Hobbies & Games. See the games section for more information.


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