Sunday, June 8, 2014

Free RPG Day 2014

Free RPG Day is almost here!  What is Free RPG Day, you ask?  Free RPG Day is a partnership between RPG publishers and your Friendly Local Game Stores to introduce players to new games.  These are brand new adventures, complete with quick start rules and pre-gens, and are a great way to try a new game.  From fantasy to sci-fi to superheroes, there is something for everyone.

This year, Free RPG Day is on June 21 at Mid-South Hobbies and Games, located at 5130 Old Summer Road Memphis, TN 38122.

June 21 would normally be a FORGE game day, but we are suspending our normal schedule to support Free RPG Day.  Also, please note that some of the start times for Free Game Day are different than our normal game days. 

The Free RPG Day schedule is now ready for sign-ups.  We are also still looking for GM volunteers.  These adventures come with introductory rules and are designed to be easy to GM even if you are unfamiliar with the system.

Don't miss the fun on Free RPG Day!

Upcoming Events!

FORGE has regularly scheduled games the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month at Mid-South Hobbies & Games. See the games section for more information.


  • ShadowCon
          (JAN 9-10) - sign up >>
  • MidSouthCon
          (MAR 20-22) - sign up >>
  • Play On Con
          (JUL 9-12) - sign up >>
  • Cape Comic Con
          (APR 17-19) - sign up >>
  • Origins
          (JUN 3-7) - sign up >>
  • GenCon
          (Jul 30 - Aug 2) - sign up >>
  • DragonCon
          (SEP 4-7) - sign up >>
  • GMX
          (OCT 24-26) - sign up >>