Saturday, May 4, 2013

FORGE Taking Up Warhammer

FORGE is teaming up with Games Workshop ( which has its North American headquarters right here in Memphis. If you've every wanted to learn Warhammer (40k or Fantasy) or want to get back into it come join us at the World of Battle.

As part of this we are starting a new 40k campaign called The Charadon Campaign. This campaign will continue over the summer and may continue beyond that depending on popularity.

There will be an army character sheet and an in-person portions to this campaign. The character sheet is for tracking your actions for each round, managing your resources, and hero advancement. The in-person portions (at weekly game days) will be battles over contested territories and sieges on Chaos or Imperial strongholds (usually these are at conventions).

Once one faction or the other gains complete control (all enemy strongholds are captured) the campaign will be reset by moving to a new planet.

Look for more news to follow.


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