Wednesday, November 2, 2011


This is a re-post from the president of the Memphis Roleplayer's Association


It is November 2. That means MRPAcon '11 is 16 days away. Are you terrified? Yeah, me too. Anyway, the only way this is going to work is with your help! If you are interested in attending, please point your browser to and register. We could use some more GMs across all of the time slots. You can run board games and things like "Are You A Werewolf?" also; it does not have to be just tabletop roleplaying games. If you want to run a panel you can do that too; just use the GM registration form. The more programming the better.

Since the event is free we don't have a whole lot to offer in the way of perks for volunteer. A typical giveaway is free stuff... we don't have any of that. We can't even discount your badge because giving you 50% off from $0 isn't a really good deal. What we CAN offer, however, is $10 off your t-shirt price. Want a t-shirt but don't have $20? Great! Give us $10 instead. I know it doesn't sound like much but it's the best we can do. The better this event goes this year the more awesome next year will be so if you help us out maybe in the future we will have more resources and more stuff to give away! Consider your time an investment. Also,hugs from me. Those are worth their weight in gold, right? On the "player registration" form it asks at the end if you are interested in volunteering. All you have to do is select 'yes' and we will add you to the e-mail list to keep you up-to-date about signing up for positions and all that jazz. Derek Russell, your vice president, is in charge of coordinating our volunteers and he has requested that all potential volunteers e-mail him at Please do this in addition to filling out the player registration form.

Alright, enough about that. We have received a few messages from people who are interested in gaming but we need to update our calendar. As is the nature of students, we are aware that people's schedules change. Many games have gained players, lost players, ceased to exist, or changed times. It is IMPERATIVE that if you are a GM you let us know how many spots you have (if any) and what time and day your campaign meets. Nothing kills potential membership faster than not having an answer when someone asks "what games can I join?" We have a quite a few people waiting on a response from us because we had to say "derp uhh idk" so please respond quickly if you are a GM. Even if your game is full tell us when and where it is so we can add it to the calendar.

Now is a great time to give us money since we're trying to put on a convention for free. Our dues are currently pay what you can but if that number is anything greater than 0 we would love your support. Just because it is free to the public does not mean we are not spending any money and the school only helps us so much. We need a few bucks to make sure everything runs smoothly. We will also have a donation jar at the convention's registration table. Does anyone have access to a cash box that we can borrow for this event? Any small container with a lock and preferably partitions for different sized bills will do. We are trying to avoid buying one.


  • Register for the con
  • Volunteers: e-mail Derek
  • GMs: give us deets about your game
  • give us money if you have it
  • Anyone have a cash box?

Godspeed and happy gaming,
Daniel Henry
President, Memphis Roleplayer's Association
U. Memphis '13, Management Information Systems


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