Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Forge Website

New Features include:
  • New Fresh look and feel
  • Home Page Blog for up to the minute gamer updates and fun
  • Member section detailing how to immediately get involved into FORGE
  • Games section for easy to find gaming schedule and sign-up
  • Specific directions on how to sign-up for games
Our weekly and monthly gaming sign-up will be switching to the Warhorn site via the FORGE website starting in October. We will still be using the Yahoo! group for message board functionality as it is an excellent mailing list. I hope that the new website will become your new homepage and should be your one place to go for the latest gaming information in the Mid-South area.

Features Coming Soon:
  • Gear section which will be used to purchase FORGE merchandise
  • Photo Gallery which will show off the fun we have at our games


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Upcoming Events!

FORGE has regularly scheduled games the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month at Mid-South Hobbies & Games. See the games section for more information.


  • ShadowCon
          (JAN 9-10) - sign up >>
  • MidSouthCon
          (MAR 20-22) - sign up >>
  • Play On Con
          (JUL 9-12) - sign up >>
  • Cape Comic Con
          (APR 17-19) - sign up >>
  • Origins
          (JUN 3-7) - sign up >>
  • GenCon
          (Jul 30 - Aug 2) - sign up >>
  • DragonCon
          (SEP 4-7) - sign up >>
  • GMX
          (OCT 24-26) - sign up >>